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Free Cyber Security & Computer Science Education for UK School Pupils

Welcome to Cyber School

Free to attend, live & online cyber security school for school pupils around the world, developed by the Capslock cyber security team.

With 11m+ children out of school, we’re providing an online cyber security & computer science education institution. Our goal is to help parents manage through the COVID-19 school lockdown whilst inspiring the next generation to explore a cutting-edge career in tech!

2 hours of Live, online, instructor-led classes per day

Hands-on cyber labs & loads of free cyber resources

Individual 'cyber projects', outside of the classroom

Available for
Keystages 2, 3, & 4+ (Year 3+)

Cyber Security & Computer Science

School's out; now it's time for Cyber School!

This isn’t ordinary school, this is Cyber School!

It’s time to inspire a generation of technology leaders


Cyber School is an online education institution for school students around the world. It is completely free to attend and was developed by the Capslock cyber security team..

We teach cyber security and computer science using a blended learning approach. 

We provide live, instructor-led lessons every day. Each age group will have their own individual live lessons. 

We also set individual ‘Cyber Projects’ for students to work on outside of class. (Cyber Projects are also known as homework, but shhh!).

Safeguarding is the top of our priority list. 

There is no room for abuse within the way we deliver our lessons. 

The school opens on the 30th March and will run until public schools re-open.

Live classes are streamed on YouTube Live every morning;

Years 7-11: 10am GMT

Years 11-14: 11am GMT

Years 14-16+: 12pm GMT

‘Cyber Project’ resources are shared every Sunday for the week ahead. They will also be available in the lesson description link on YouTube. 

Pupils will be encouraged to submit their findings, secret codes, and cyber projects via our Twitter channel.


Please submit your email address and name in the form below. You will receive updates, resources, and information via email over the coming weeks and whilst Cyber School is running. 

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